Cape Cod Snow Removal Services

Plow Truck - Carlozzi, Inc.

Commercial Snow Removal – We have various sizes of equipment to maintain your parking lots, sidewalks and other snow removal necessities. Multiple salt trucks permit us to get to our sites fast, and to address any immediate needs that might arise.

Snow Removal – We offer snow removal services, this is when space is scarce to put anymore snow. We will remove it from the site and haul it away.

Plow Trucks – We have different kinds of plow trucks for all types of parking lots. Our fleet is inspected before every storm to assure no downtime.

Sanding/Salting – When it comes to ice management we use top brand spreaders to assure you there will be no unnecessary break downs and your lot is safe for pedestrians as well as motor vehicle traffic. What we offer for ice control.

  • Sand
  • Straight Salt
  • Mix of Salt/Sand

Wheel Loader/Backhoe Loader with Pusher – Big spaces are over powered by the amount of snow a snow pusher can haul. Using a snow pusher with a loader is one of the most efficent ways to remove snow from big parking lots.

Skidsteer – When it comes to tight spaces and meanuvering quickly we use skidsteers. This machine is used for snow plowing as well as clearing snow from loading docks, walkways, and parking lots. It allows us to get into areas that other vehicles cannot. There is also a wide variety of attachments that can be used.